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informal: a largefamily or other group that someone belongs to–Cambridge dictionary

So last weekend we had a tribe over.

These are folks that have been with us through the years, laughing, crying, walking at work and just listening (so, so wonderful)—PRAYING for one another, each other’s kids, situations, crap that just HAPPENS….These are folks that have seen us at our worst and chose to stay. Never once asking anything or judging, but choosing to walk this life with us. I cannot thank you enough.

Some were not at our table, and I hope we will remedy that soon.

I am immensely thankful for the many, many friends that I have in my life, I have been truly blessed on that score. Folks, we are not alone on this journey. And, it’s funny as you get older, you start to look at things differently–little things start to take a grander view that once perhaps you didn’t see. Or appreciate. Friendship is one of them.

I’m thankful for the people that have invested in my life and love me for who I am–not some version of me. I am truly blessed by them, you all know who you are. Happy Thanksgiving. I love you.


It’s been awhile, nice to see ya!

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I’d like to say it’s been an easy transition.  I’d love to say it’s been real, these 12 years. However, the life of a person that’s been redeemed from many things outside of the third, fourth generation Christian is sometimes…hard to explain.  Sometimes we don’t speak your language…..please be patient…….Most don’t understand…it’s foreign to them.  I’ve lived a life.  What can I say?  I’ve lived a life outside the safe confines of “Christendom”.   I have lived. I have experimented, I have lost. I have lived hard sometimes.  But the beauty is, the Creator of the world met me.  He stepped into my world and rocked it.  He said to me, “Mindy, you are loved.  You are beautiful, and you are mine.”  I am brought to tears at times for the realness of these words.  I am thankful.  I am desperately trying to teach the ones in my care the truth of them.   And there are days that I am in awe that He would even bother.  But He does.  For you. For me.  For us all.