The Record Player

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I’ve always known that Cooper was an old soul.

From the time he was an infant rocking in the chair, to the conversations we would have when he was a toddler, it always struck me how well he could empathize and long for something that he really didn’t know.

Fast forward to just before Christmas, and his main request? A record player.

A RECORD player.

At his very fingertips he had instant access to millions of songs, albums, anything his little heart desired at the touch of a button or two…..But what did he want? An archaic spinning disk, that at best would screech out a song or two, but would sound clunky and old, –grungy. Rich, but not PERFECT, and sometimes the needle would skip across and interrupt a song for heaven’s sake.

He had the technological world at his fingertips! And, what did he want? The past. Comfort. Home. A scratchy, imperfect, vinyl disk.

From a sociological standpoint, I stood staring at him in amazement as he diligently searched through the vinyl labyrinth of 45’s and 78’s and landed on just the right ones. His eyes would twinkle, his mouth would curl into a mischievous grin and he’d say, “oh yeah…this one.” I couldn’t get over it, it was the past revisited!

It had me wondering, how I could grow up,(and many others reading this I’m sure), wanting the next best thing, the newest thing, the THING of things! How could we, a generation who wants all the fancy, next, best things of STUFF possibly have progeny that just long to go back home? Something to think about.

It’s funny how things that go around come around. And maybe it’s just me having several days off in a row to do some deep thinking….All in all, though, it was fascinating to watch that young kid be excited about something so simple, and it made me wonder what am I missing?



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informal: a largefamily or other group that someone belongs to–Cambridge dictionary

So last weekend we had a tribe over.

These are folks that have been with us through the years, laughing, crying, walking at work and just listening (so, so wonderful)—PRAYING for one another, each other’s kids, situations, crap that just HAPPENS….These are folks that have seen us at our worst and chose to stay. Never once asking anything or judging, but choosing to walk this life with us. I cannot thank you enough.

Some were not at our table, and I hope we will remedy that soon.

I am immensely thankful for the many, many friends that I have in my life, I have been truly blessed on that score. Folks, we are not alone on this journey. And, it’s funny as you get older, you start to look at things differently–little things start to take a grander view that once perhaps you didn’t see. Or appreciate. Friendship is one of them.

I’m thankful for the people that have invested in my life and love me for who I am–not some version of me. I am truly blessed by them, you all know who you are. Happy Thanksgiving. I love you.

It’s been awhile, nice to see ya!

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